Diy Pallet Furniture!

I am a Pinterest junkie. I have over 12,000 pins between all of my boards and still can’t seem to say that I have found enough things on there. I absolutely LOVE Pinterest. The creators are genius.

A couple weeks ago, Brenden and I sold our sectional couch. We are still currently looking for a couch that is just right for our family! Lucky us, we get to sit on the floor, our camp chairs, or my rocking chair in the mean time!

One of my boards is called Home and Design. I also have one called Craft It Up. On there I have tons of different decoration ideas for my home. One of the things I have on there are DIY Pallet Couches. I don’t know how many of you have heard of these, but they are super cute and super cheap!!! If we weren’t living in an apartment right now I would be ALL OVER making our own pallet couch. I also don’t have all the tools I need to make one right now.. But someday I will make one!

Here are some other ideas for you guys for either indoor or outdoor seating areas, coffee tables, and other decor! All of these links have multiple options for you to create a pallet something!

If you decide you want more ideas, definitely check out Pinterest! There are literally THOUSANDS of topics and ideas on there! And for all you men out there…. Pinterest also has TONS of guy things on there as well. From cars and man caves, to music and sports! šŸ™‚

Have fun and enjoy creating!!!!

Warm Wishes, Jessica


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